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Mamoru’s superhuman daddy senses ruin R’s big surprise 20 episodes early.


Mamoru Chiba (1992 vs. 2014)


Hehehe ^-^


So my younger sister came into my room the other day and had worked REALLY hard on this Sailor Moon song in Tomodachi Life for me, and I just HAD to share it with you guys!! She did a super good job!!

I couldn’t figure out how to record a 3DS screen though, so I just used my camera. Please excuse the EXTREMELY wonky colours, it fixes itself after the first couple seconds!!


Sailor Moon dishing out advice to y’all. Play it in the background and absorb some life lessons.

If you never watched the DiC dub, then you might not know about Sailor Says. It was a unique segment that used episode footage to teach kids some very overt lessons, but really, behind all the cheese and silliness, there are a lot of beautiful things that people of all ages should hear, including:

  • Don’t stick around in a bad relationship
  • Food positivity
  • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses
  • Do the right thing even if it’s tough
  • Be a supportive but honest person and friend
  • Be Good



Usagi as a doctor ♥︎

I forgot how much better and actually how transformed Usagi actually looked in the old anime. *facepalm* 

also who the heck walks around the street with a stethoscope?


Enjoy. :)

I would like to tell you i agree absolutely with you about the music in the dubb version of Sailor Moon. I love Jennifer Cihi's voice in all of the music.(She was Serena's musical voice.) However, and not to burst any bubbles, I met Jennifer in real life at MTAC (Middle Tennessee Anime Con.) 2013 and she didn't even remember some of the songs she sung! (She didn't remember The Power of Love, which is my ultimate favorite.) I just had a bit of a let down, because it was so big of a deal to me.


(Continued) Even though I was let down by that, I had to remember that Sailor Moon was a while ago for her.(She was doing it as a side gig, she wanted to become famous , she said) She actually is a nurse somewhere in middle tn if i remember right so she has moved on totally. hahah. Sorry if i rambled i just wanted to share this info with someone who loved the music just as much as i do! <3

Ahhh that’s so cool that you met her!!!!
I’m not suprised she didn’t remember a lot of them tbh. It’s not like she ever toured or anything. She probably just recorded them and then that was it for her. 

That’s crazy that she’s moved on SO far. A singer to a nurse? That’s crazy and SO cool!!

Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

Thank you for responding hahah 

Yesterday’s episode of Sailor Moon Crystal inspired this one :D 

Track: Power of Love
Artist: Jennifer Cihi
Album: Sailor Moon
Plays: 4871


Don’t care if you hated the Dub I love this song and I’m gonna conquer everything while blasting it on high~


[A new Sailor Moon dub] has been a legend among voice actors for the last four or five years, studios have almost got it so many times … I got a random email in my inbox, and they said “There’s an anime show you might want to audition for” - they didn’t tell us what the title of the show was, they sent all the sites for the characters, and so I opened them up, and I’m like, “this must be a joke” … “Maybe it’s a spoof,” because it just said ‘Sailor Jupiter’, ‘Sailor Moon’, ‘Sailor Venus’ … because obviously they wouldn’t be so chill about sending this out. This is SAILOR MOON. So I ignored it, for like 2 days. … Maybe I thought, like, if it’s still in my inbox in 2 days, then it’s real, and I will record it. If not, I don’t want to get my hopes up.

And they said you can’t tell anyone … I wasn’t supposed to tell family I was auditioning, none of the voice actors could tell each other they were auditioning for it. … I showed up to record another project and Stephanie Sheh [new actress for Sailor Moon] was there, and I said “Oh my gosh, I’m gonna be super late to get to this… other… session… thing,” and she goes “Me too… um… where you going?” … “Yeah, uh, to… um… I mean, I really can’t talk about it…” and she’s like, “Oh my God, is it the thing, that we’re not supposed to know that we’re in and nobody can know??” and I was like [gasps] “You know about the THING! Oh my Gosh! Are you in the thing too??” She’s like, “I am! Are you- are you one of the things, in the thing?” I was like “YESSS. Thank God, I’m glad we understand each other.” … The first rule of Sailor Moon is don’t talk about the fact that you’re in Sailor Moon. They’ll kill you.

… Getting to walk around to other conventions and have people say, “Yeah, they’re re-dubbing Sailor Moon,” and I had to really work really hard on “No way! Is that… is that a show? … I thought they did that. Is that the one with the cats?”


—Cherami Leigh on what it was like to be cast as Sailor Venus in Viz’s new dub of Sailor Moon. (AVCon 2014)
Artist: Momoiro Clover Z
Album: Sailor Moon Crystal
Plays: 21316

Sailor Moon Crystal’s OP song, full version!